Industrial Parts Washer for Sale


Fully automated, improving productivity, saving time.

The Washpod Advantage

Why we edge out the competiton

$ $

Optimized Cost & Energy Efficiency

Reduced operating costs.
Reduced service cycle.
Reduced maintenance & downtime.
Reduced wash cycle time.
Lower operating temperature.
Uses up to 50% less electricity.

Improved OH&S Benefits

25% lower operating temperature
Milder, safer detergents used.
Fully-controllable, auto-braking,
gear driven turntable.
Push button controlled basket rotation.
Fully automatic, pneumatically
operated hands-free lid.

Superior Cleaning Power

Washpod’s proprietary zero-degree spear jets provides 30x greater impact force when compared to conventional fan-shaped jets.

Custom Designed Adjustable Moving Manifold offers much greater flexibility for a more thorough clean.


Designed for users, by users.


Washpods came about when our design team was seeking for a premium solution that would surpass what is currently available in the market. Patented technology that delivers technical and operational advantages to our customers, with greatest considerations for usability and sustainability, was utilised for optimal cost and energy efficiency.?

Washpods are proudly designed in Australia, and assembled in Australia.

Washpods clean all kinds of components from small parts such as nuts, bolts, plastic or rubber seals, washers and bearings to alloy components, transmission, brake and clutch parts, engine blocks or complete engines. It can also clean electrical components such as armatures, stators and rotors. Even complete electrical wiring harnesses can be cleaned thoroughly and safely!

Washpod vs. similar machines

  • Lower Operating Cost due to Power Efficiency 86% 86%
  • Lower Power Consumption 50% 50%
  • Lower Operating Temperature 75% 75%
  • Shorter Clean Cycles 75% 75%

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