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servicing rotary parts washers and

parts cleaners!

The Washpod Advantage

Why we edge out our competiton

$ $

Optimized Cost & Energy Efficiency

Reduced operating costs.
Reduced service cycle.
Reduced maintenance & downtime.
Reduced wash cycle time.
Lower operating temperature.
Uses up to 50% less electricity.

Improved OH&S Benefits

25% lower operating temperature
Milder, safer detergents used.
Fully-controllable, auto-braking,
gear driven turntable.
Push button controlled basket rotation.
Fully automatic, pneumatically
operated hands-free lid.

Superior Cleaning Power

Washpod’s proprietary zero-degree spear jets provides 30x greater impact force when compared to conventional fan-shaped jets.

Custom Designed Adjustable Moving Manifold offers much greater flexibility for a more thorough clean from a parts cleaner Melbourne has never experienced before Washpod.

WASHPOD, IS TRULY AUSSIE. Designed and owned by Aussies. Washpod Consolidated Pty Ltd is proudly Australian owned and operated with a strong local presence across the Victorian region to provide our Melbourne customers with the best service in the industry.


Here are some of Washpod’s finest customers.

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