Parts Washer Perth

A highly-efficient, eco-friendly Industry grade Parts Cleaner Perth is yet to experience!

The Washpod Advantage

Why we edge out our competiton

$ $

Optimized Cost & Energy Efficiency

Reduced operating costs.
Reduced service cycle.
Reduced maintenance & downtime.
Reduced wash cycle time.
Lower operating temperature.
Uses up to 50% less electricity.

Improved OH&S Benefits

25% lower operating temperature
Milder, safer detergents used.
Fully-controllable, auto-braking,
gear driven turntable.
Push button controlled basket rotation.
Fully automatic, pneumatically
operated hands-free lid.

Superior Cleaning Power

Washpod’s proprietary zero-degree spear jets provides 30x greater impact force when compared to conventional fan-shaped jets.

Custom Designed Adjustable Moving Manifold offers much greater flexibility for a more thorough clean.

WASHPOD, IS TRULY AUSSIE. Designed and owned by Aussies. Washpod Consolidated Pty Ltd is proudly Australian owned and operated with a strong local presence across the Western Australian region to provide our Perth customers with the best service in the industry.


Here are some of Washpod’s finest customers.

How to Contact Washpod

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